ONEUS is a K-pop sextet whose members had significant followings thanks to television shows before coming together to make music.

• Prior to coming together as ONEUS, members Seoho, Keonhee, and Hwanwoong competed in the boy-band singing competition Produce 101. Ravn, Seoho, and Leedo took part in another singing reality show known as Mix Nine.
• The 2019 single "Lit" incorporates the gayageum, a traditional Korean string instrument, and the accompanying music video displays different elements of Korean fashion, architecture, and folk music.
• Under their label RBW Inc., ONEUS has a “brother group” in the rock outfit ONEWE. Not only have the two groups released music together, but ONEUS member Xion is twins with ONEWE's Dongmyeong.
• ONEUS competed on the 2020 reality competition show Road to Kingdom, which pitted seven rising K-pop boy bands against each other. They landed in fourth place behind THE BOYZ, ONF, and PENTAGON.

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