About Onefour

Billed as Australia’s first-ever drill rap group, Onefour were headed for the big time until legal troubles derailed the crew in 2019.

• The infamous Western Sydney group draws inspiration from UK drill artists like Harlem Spartans. The name Onefour derives from an area street gang called NF14.
• Onefour began rapping as a collective in 2014 and released their debut single, “Ready For War,” three years later.
• Their 2019 breakthrough single, “In The Beginning,” debuted inside the Top 40 of Australia’s ARIA Charts.
• Although the group is influenced by UK drill, they make use of local slang and rap with Australian accents.
• Onefour faced major setbacks in late 2019, when three members were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for their roles in a 2018 pub brawl.

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