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Atlanta group Omni channel the best herky-jerk pop through the ages, drawing inspiration from Devo, Television, Josef K, and Magazine, then filtering it through a no-frills lo-fi sound. Formed by longtime friends ex-Deerhunter guitarist Frankie Broyles and ex-Carnivores bassist/vocalist Philip Frobos soon after Broyles jumped the Deerhunter ship in late 2015, the duo cooked up a new idea for a band over the course of a long drunken night's work. With songs in hand, they recruited another ex-Carnivore, Billy Mitchell, to handle the drumming chores. The next step was playing live shows and recording an album with another ex-Carnivore, Nathaniel Higgins, in the producer's chair. Chicago label Trouble in Mind liked what they heard from the band and decided to release the album, Deluxe, in July of 2016. After the record's release, the trio embarked on a quick tour of the U.S. Early the next year, they released a single made up of two tracks ("Fever Bass"/"Thesis") recorded for Deluxe but not used. Broyles released a solo EP, Slow Return, soon after that on the Skeleton Realm label. Meanwhile, the band began working on its second album, teaming with producer Higgins again at his own studio while also doing some recording in a remote cabin in the Georgia woods. The very similar-sounding Multi-Task was issued in September of 2017 by Trouble in Mind. ~ Tim Sendra