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Fronted by Australian-born, Australian- and Israeli-raised Ohad Rein, Old Man River plays warm acoustic guitar-driven pop reminiscent of the Beatles, Beck, and fellow Aussie Ben Lee. Rein first picked up the instrument at age 13, and after serving in the Israeli Army, he moved to New York City, where he practiced his future trade by performing at local coffee shops and parks. After traveling around India for a year, the musician returned to Sydney, where he toured with Gelbison and formed the group Nations by the River with Gelbisoners Nadav and Edo Kahn and Luke Steele from the Sleepy Jackson. It was during this time spent with other bands that his own songs began to take shape, finding verses and melodies while in impromptu jam sessions. During one such experience the foundation of the song "Sunshine" was produced, and encouraged by a friend, Rein completed it and released as the title track on his 2004 EP under the name Old Man River. He then added bassist Liam Flanagan, background vocalist and guitarist Tanya Horo, and drummer Saul Smith to the mix, and in 2007, after tours in both the U.S. and Australia, Old Man River's debut full-length, Good Morning, came out. ~ Marisa Brown

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