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About Oh Pep!

Australian duo Oh Pep! practice a catchy yet thoughtful brand of indie pop along the lines of Lucius and Parlour Tricks. Also in common with those bands is their often harmonized female lead vocals. The group was formed in Melbourne in 2009 by schoolmates Pepita Emmerichs and Olivia Hally. Oh Pep!'s self-titled, self-released debut EP appeared in 2012 and took a folkier approach, along with a lineup that included upright bassist Stuart West, mandolinist Paddy Montgomery, and drummer Justin Olsson. The EP II followed a year later. By the time their third EP, Living, arrived on Star House Collective in 2015, the official lineup was back down to the two songwriters, though the women continued to record and tour with help from other musicians. Their first full-length album settled into a poppier sound that relied on guitar and drums, with Emmerichs still covering mandolin and violin. Titled Stadium Cake, the debut was released by Dualtone Music in 2016. ~ Marcy Donelson

Melbourne, Australia

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