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Dutch thrashers with black metal tendencies, Occult began taking shape in 1992 and by the release two years later of their first album, Prepare to Meet Thy Doom, featured vocalist Maurice "Sephiroth" Swinkels, guitarist Richard Ebisch, bassist Twan Fleuren, and drummer Erik Fleuren. In fact, this selfsame lineup was still intact 11 years later, yet none of Occult's ever competent but never blockbuster four albums (1996's The Enemy Within, 1999's Of Flesh & Blood, 2002's Rage to Revenge, and 2003's Elegy for the Weak) had made a significant dent outside the extreme metal community, and so the band was renamed Legion of the Damned, proceeding to carry on in a more death-like thrash metal direction henceforth. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia