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With a rise to prominence nearly as relentlessly fast as their music, Canada's Obey the Brave emerged in 2012 with a sound that blends punishing extreme metal and thrash with cathartic melodic hardcore.
Based out of Ottawa and Montreal, the band features ex-Despised Icon singer Alex Erian on vocals as well as bassist Miguel Lepage, guitarists John Campbell and Greg Wood, and drummer Stevie Morotti. By the middle of 2012, the group found itself signed to iconic hardcore label Epitaph, with their debut album, Young Blood, released in August of that same year. Salvation, OTB's hard-hitting sophomore effort, arrived in 2014, and further distilled their uncompromising sonic attack. For their third album, 2017's Mad Season, the band branched out stylistically by including a collaboration with French-Canadian rap group Loud Lary Ajust. Obey the Brave returned to their hardcore and metal roots for 2019's aptly named, Paul Marc Rousseau-produced Balance. ~ Gregory Heaney

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    January, 2012

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