Nirinjan Kaur
Nirinjan Kaur

Nirinjan Kaur

About Nirinjan Kaur

Born in Vancouver in 1988 to a Sikh family of Kundalini Yoga teachers, Nirinjan Kaur followed her parents' path since she was a child and became a yoga instructor at 13 years of age. Ever since then she has traveled all over the world, chanting mantras, teaching yoga and meditation, and collaborating and learning with other masters and artists. Blessed with a majestic and hypnotic voice, Nirinjan Kaur has recorded several albums that are sometimes marketed as new age music, including Adhara (2009), Prem Siri (2012) and From Within (2013), as well as meditation CDs such as Restoring Your Personal Power (2014) and Kirtan Kriya (2014). ~ Mariano Prunes

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana
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