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About Nidia Minaj

Nídia Sukulbembe produces energetic, polyrhythmic dance tracks informed by Afro-Portuguese styles such as kuduro, batida, and tarraxinha, but maintaining a distinct character all their own. She was born to Cape Verdean and Guinea Bissauan parents and raised in Vale de Amoreira, Portugal, where she formed an all-female dance troupe called Kaninas Squad as a youth. She moved to Bordeaux, France in 2011, at the age of 14, and began producing music under the name Nídia Minaj, in tribute to her favorite rapper, Nicki Minaj. Over the course of the next few years, her eclectic, exciting tracks, primarily uploaded to her SoundCloud page, made waves throughout the dance music underground, and her debut album, Estúdio da Mana ("Sister's Studio," the name of her bedroom studio as well as her crew), was released digitally by Melbourne, Australia's Brother Sister Records. Nídia soon signed to Príncipe Discos, one of Lisbon's most forward-thinking dance music labels, and released the Danger EP to critical acclaim in 2015. She also appeared Cargaa 2, a Warp Records-issued survey of the Lisbon scene. In 2017, Nídia (no longer using the surname Minaj) released Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida ("Nídia Is Bad, Nídia Is Dope"), her first full-length for Príncipe. ~ Paul Simpson

Vale de Amoreira, Portugal

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