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About Nick Moss

Bassist Nick Moss learned his instrument at a young age, often watching his brother Joe play with Buddy Scott, among others. By the time he graduated from high school, Scott was on the lookout for a new bassist and Moss scored the job. Two years later, Jimmy Dawkins stole him away and added him to his tour lineup. In 1993, the Legendary Blues Band asked him to join and Moss got his first spot on a blues recording with their Money Talks record. Moss eventually moved up to play the guitar in the group, a role bestowed upon him by bandleader/resident blues expert Willie Smith. Moss spent more than two years with the group before joining Jimmy Rogers' band as a guitarist for a three-year stint.

Moss eventually grew tired of performing for other musicians, and wanted to explore his own ideas and songs. The results of this were manifested on First Offense, his first solo record after almost ten years in the business. Arriving in 2002, Got a New Plan provided a much more widely heard platform, as word of his talents had spread throughout the blues scene.

Moss formed Nick Moss & the Flip Tops in the early 2000s, releasing Sadie Mae in 2004. This group became the Nick Moss Band in 2009. The group's first studio album was 2010's Privileged, and over the next decade musicians would wind their way in and out of the band, but along with Moss, guitarist/vocalist Michael Ledbetter and drummer Patrick Seals anchored the band. The Nick Moss Band started to gain traction in 2013, when 2011's Here I Am earned a Blues Music Award nomination for Rock Blues Album, while 2014's Time Ain't Free broadened their fan base. The live Live & Luscious followed in 2015, and then From the Root to the Fruit arrived in 2016. Moss teamed up with harpist Dennis Gruenling for 2018's The High Cost of Low Living. ~ Bradley Torreano

Chicago, IL

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