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About Nicholas Krgovich

A prolific, multifaceted singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who can juggle genres without losing any of his considerable pop acumen, Nicholas Krgovich started off with the indie pop outfits No Kids, Gigi, and P:ano. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Krgovich draws from a deep well of influences including everyone from Sade and the Blue Nile to Rodgers & Hart. On top of his work with the aforementioned bands, Krgovich has had a bountiful solo career, whose full-length albums include In the Yard Havin' Fun: A Prison Musical (2009), Real Life (2012), and the R&B-influenced On Sunset (2014), the latter filled with tales of life in the shadows of Hollywood. After 2016's The Hills, 2017's In an Open Field took a bit of a left turn into soft rock and easy pop, with guest appearances by Angel Deradoorian, Nedelle Torrisi, and pedal steel legend B.J. Cole. ~ James Christopher Monger

Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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