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One of the key groups to come out of the Krautrock scene of the 1970s, Neu! embraced both driving, repetitive rhythms and euphoric ambience, breaking rock music down into a form that was wild, exploratory, and elemental. Drummer Klaus Dinger and guitarist Michael Rother maintained various other projects throughout the band's existence, but what they created together as Neu! stood apart from their other groups and much of what their peers were creating at the time. The band was short-lived, but their sound was groundbreaking and hugely influential. With the assistance of producer Conny Plank, Neu! created several albums that defined the driving, motorik rhythmic approach of a certain sect of Krautrock, and also predicted aspects of punk, remix-based music, and electronica that would be refined and revisited in the decades that followed.

Düsseldorf, Germany

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