About NerdOut

The trio NerdOut blew up on YouTube by fusing rock and rap to create songs about video games, comic book movies, and other nerdy topics.

• The group formed in 2015, when YouTube personalities NemRaps (Anthony Mitchell), Ben Schuller, and The8thHawk (Jack Taylor) joined forces to launch a channel.
• NerdOut became very popular very quickly. By the time they’d been a group for nine months, they’d reached nine-digit view totals.
• They scored a gargantuan streaming hit with 2018’s “Fortnite Rap Battle,” featuring gaming influencers like Ninja, Dakotaz, and H20. As of 2021, the video had racked up more than 127 million views.
• Schuller doesn’t just write about nerdy stuff. His 2021 album New Roaring 20s examines life in the modern world.

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