About Needles//Pins

Named for a Sonny Bono tune that was recorded by both the Searchers and the Ramones, Needles//Pins are a Canadian punk band whose music fuses a hooky melodic sense with a precise, speedy attack and lyrics that wear their collective heart on their sleeve. Featuring Adam Ess (aka Adam Solomonian) on guitar and vocals, Tony X (aka Tony Dubroy) on bass, and Macey Bee (aka Macey Budgell) on drums, the trio formed in 2009, released their first single, Drop It, through Scum Buzz Records in 2011. They followed with a split single with the Moby Dicks by the end of the year. On the strength of their singles, Needles//Pins were staging regional tunes before they dropped their first full-length album, 12:34, via Mammoth Cave Recording Company in 2012. Their second album, Shamebirds, followed in 2014, released by Dirt Cult Records. By the time they released their third album, Good Night, Tomorrow, in 2017, Needles//Pins had dropped their funny stage names and moved to the respected Canadian indie label Mint Records. ~ Mark Deming

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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