About NDE

Ferocious, brutal, harsh, punishing, claustrophobic; these are the sort of words that have typically been used to describe the ultra-heavy NDE, a metalcore/alternative metal band that was formed in Cleveland, OH, in the mid-'90s. NDE doesn't believe in showing listeners any mercy; their dense metal/punk assault is totally unforgiving. Fronted by lead singer/rhythm guitarist Robert Reinard (who has cited Slayer, Sepultura, and Pantera as influences), NDE has all of the metalcore ingredients: angst-ridden and angry lyrics; chugging guitars; and a screaming, tormented, mercilessly abrasive vocal style. And while that approach won't win over those who find metalcore to be excessively intense, it has earned NDE a small but enthusiastic following; especially on the Cleveland metal scene, where they have often played on bills with local alternative metal favorites Mushroomhead.
In 1996, NDE put out two releases: the full-length album Falling and an EP titled Pain, which was followed by Fix (their second full-length album) in 1999. Originally released on their own label, Fix was re-released by Rage of Achilles Records (a British company based in London) in 2001. In 2002, NDE recorded their third full-length album, End of Trust, which originally came out on their own label but was reissued by the Phoenix, AZ-based Crash Music the following year. On End of Trust, NDE's lineup includes Robert Reinard on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Chris Longo on lead guitar, Wally Howell on bass and background vocals, and Greg Cook on drums; Longo since left the band to spend more time with his family. For NDE, signing with Crash Music meant more chances to tour extensively; and for Longo, that also meant less time with his wife and two kids. So Longo, feeling that his family obligations would hold NDE back, officially resigned from the band in 2003. In various interviews, Reinard was quoted as saying that Longo left NDE on very good terms; that they understood the guitarist's desire to spend more time with his family but were still sorry to see him go. ~ Alex Henderson