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About Naomi Campbell

UK supermodel Campbell hardly shocked the music industry with the announcement that, following the success of her ghost-written novel, she was about to launch a singing career. Her only previous musical connection had been in dating Adam Clayton of U2, and with her debut album dubbed Babywoman, the auspices were not good. However, a concerted effort by some notable backroom staff made the record at least listenable. The main collaborators were Youth (Brilliant, Killing Joke), Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) and Gavin Seezer. Comprising up-tempo house/disco stompers, with hip-hop rhythms evident on the excruciating cover version of T-Rexs Ride A White Swan and an unlikely version of Luscious Jacksons Life Of Leisure, it served more as a backdrop to a series of expensively filmed videos than a song collection in its own right. The treatment of material such as Zoes Sunshine On A Rainy Day indicated a desire to hijack Kylie Minogues smiling kiddie-pop territory, but the project seemed hopelessly contrived even with such well-respected musicians.