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About Nancy Rumbel

Nancy Rumbel is one of the sweetest and kindest souls in the new age community. She embraces her art holistically and, through her music, shares her spiritual strength and emotional stability with her listeners. From her roots in San Antonio, TX, she developed her homespun style and gracious demeanor. She also developed a taste for a wide range of musical styles -- from country & western to blues to Mexican-flavored rockabilly. Rumbel's smooth style of new age writing and performing reflects those diverse influences. Her professional relationship with Eric Tingstad has given the community some of its finest acoustic ambient recordings. The irony of their success is that it all came after she had "retired" as a professional musician and prepared to devote her full attention to raising her family. Rumbel lives in the Northwestern U.S.A., where she and Tingstad continue to create acoustic wonders, as witnessed by their Grammy Award for Best New Age Recording of 2002, for Acoustic Garden, a great CD. Rumbel has only one solo recording -- Notes From the Tree of Life -- which is also a great CD. While her listeners would like to hear more of her solo work, the great quality of her work with Tingstad is sufficient. It is a great honor to be associated with this exceptional human, even in a small way. ~ Jim Brenholts

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