About Mylets

Mylets is the moniker used by indie singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Henry Kohen. A native of Columbus, Indiana, Kohen began playing music at a young age, teaching himself drums and guitar and playing in bands with his older brother. By his midteens he had developed his own solo set using loop pedals to create intricate guitar parts and began self-releasing a series of EPs under the Mylets banner. His often complex, often jagged guitar rock drew initial comparisons to bands like Battles and Tera Melos. After a brief tenure at an Indiana college, he signed with Californian indie Sargent House and left school to pursue music full-time in Los Angeles. The label compiled and remastered tracks from three of his earlier EPs and released a collection called Retcon in 2013. Working with producer Sonny Diperri (Portugal. The Man, Hanni El Khatib), he recorded his debut full-length, Arizona, which arrived in early 2015. ~ Timothy Monger

    Columbus, IN
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