Christian metalcore act MyChildren MyBride came together while the bandmembers were still high-school students in northern Alabama during the early 2000s. Between studies, the band managed to put out the 2004 album Having the Heart for War, in addition to organizing a brief tour during spring break 2005. A few other self-released EPs appeared through the years and they toured whenever possible; this eventually included a European stint and over 250 dates played in 2007 before MyChildren MyBride inked a deal with heavy-hitting indie label Solid State Records. The group's members had come and gone over time (MyChildren MyBride spent two years as a quartet), and by the time the band hooked up with Solid State in October 2007, the crew consisted of vocalist Matthew Hasting, drummer Brian Hood, guitarists Kyle Ray and Robert Bloomfield, and bassist Joe Lengson.
Their brutal Solid State full-length debut, Unbreakable, appeared in late February 2008, after which they spent time supporting Unearth and Bury Your Dead on the road. MyChildren MyBride returned in the summer of 2010 with their follow-up LP, Lost Boy, which they supported with a major North American tour as well as a headlining tour of Australia. Working with producer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed) in Massachusetts, they completed their third and final Solid State effort, a self-titled album released in the spring of 2012. By the time they signed with eOne/Good Fight Music, the band consisted of core members Hasting and Bloomfield. Over the next few years, the duo worked with producer and From First to Last guitarist Travis Richter, slowly assembling their fifth album, Vicious World, which eventually saw release in October 2017. ~ Corey Apar

    Madison, AL

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