About Muslimgauze

Bryn Jones (aka Muslimgauze) was one of the most prolific electronic musicians of his time. Born in 1961 in Manchester, England, Jones released a staggering number of recordings, but instead of saturating the market with his Middle Eastern-tinged electronic mayhem, he collaborated with small labels for numerous artistic and conceptually minded limited-releases. Embracing somewhat controversial pro-Palestinian views, Muslimgauze portrayed the fury and urgency of Hamas and PLO viewpoints via pummeling low end, heavy dub, and disturbing sonics that echoed the sounds of Holy Land tumult. His use of Arabic percussion in both an ambient and energetic context likewise reeled in fans, and even after his death from a rare blood disease in 1999, Jones's diverse recordings continued to be unearthed and released.

    Manchester, England
  • BORN
    June 17, 1961

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