About Mudhoney

Nirvana may have been the band that put an entire generation in flannel, and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden sold more records, but Mudhoney were truly the band that made the '90s grunge movement possible. Their music took the sweat-soaked, beer-fueled mixture of heavy metal muscle, punk attitude, and garage rock primitivism to the hipster audience for the first time with early releases like 1988's Superfuzz Bigmuff and 1989's Mudhoney. Mudhoney never scored the big payday some of their buddies did, though they did land a major-label deal that produced several strong albums, especially 1995's My Brother the Cow and 1998's Tomorrow Hit Today. Their importance on the Seattle scene cannot be underestimated, their body of work has stood the test of time better than their well-known colleagues, and they continued to produce strong, relevant music into their third decade on 2013's Vanishing Point and 2018's Digital Garbage.

    Seattle, WA

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