Mr G

About Mr G

The gruff voice of dancehall's Mr. G might sound familiar. Before becoming Mr. G, Kingston's Chad Simpson was known as Goofy and recorded buoyant, humorous hits like "Fudgie," "Whining Machine," "Brush Yuh Teeth," and "Big Man, Little Youth." Simpson started DJ-ing block parties at the age of 12, collected a massive amount of vinyl in his teens, and worked for the party organizing firm Jampop Ltd. before entering the studio in 1990. While experiencing a string of Jamaican hits under his Goofy moniker, the toaster was learning all he could about the studio. "Fudgie" topped the charts in 1996 and opened the doors to new opportunities. Artists like Luciano, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man were now approaching Simpson for production work and in 1999 he started his own label, Young Blood. I Don't Give Damn!! was released the same year under the Goofy name, but Simpson wasn't interested in being strictly lighthearted. Changing his name to Mr. G, Simpson continued his production work for others while recording his own demos. S-Curve liked what they heard and released Mr. G's debut, Issues, in 2004. ~ David Jeffries

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