About Mortal

Before virtually introducing industrial music to CCM, Jyro and Jerome formed the band Mortal Wish in 1988 with Wilson Peralta and Ray Tongpo. The group released a demo cassette, but later shortened the name and dropped Peralta and Tongpo. Mortal's first album, Lusis, appeared in 1992 on the Intense label; the single "Mytho-X" became a hit on the Christian metal charts and the duo were named the best new band of 1992 in a CCM readers' poll. Mortal added more guitars for 1993's Fathom, but discontinued the group just before recording Wake, which was released the following year. Nevertheless, another final album appeared in 1996. The duo continue to produce as Blood (with Mark Rodriguez) and record as Fold Zandura, and have released a live Mortal EP, Intense Live Series Vol. 5. A mellower Mortal side project called Pura is also available on Intense. In 2002, Mortal returned to the scene after taking a year off. The funky grooves of Nu-En-Jin appeared in fall 2002. ~ John Bush