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Morning Again

Morning Again

About Morning Again

As one of the first hardcore metal bands to embrace the vegan-straight edge philosophy, Morning Again was a throwback to the mid-80's hardcore scene with a vicious death metal edge.

Formed in Florida at the tail end of 1996, guitarist John Wylie shuffled through several lineups as he maintained his beliefs and work ethic during the early months.

Releasing Hand of Hope and Martyr within this time, they began to tour vigorously throughout 1997.

Revelation Records courted the band and released their As Tradition Dies Slowly album the following year.

Met with enthusiasm from hardcore and extreme metal fans, the group's massive touring schedules brought them much respect from both crowds.

Unfortunately, internal problems caused the break up of the band in 1999, leaving the Fallen...The Few That Remain EP in the wake of the dissolvent.

Two years later, the first two EPs were packaged together as Hand of the Martyr and released by Eulogy Recordings. ~ Bradley Torreano