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Moor Mother is the solo outlet for Philadelphia-based artist Camae Ayewa. Her music combines social issues with a visceral blend of hardcore electronics and her intense poetry, taking influence from punk, hip-hop, jazz, soul, and numerous other genres. Also an educator, coach, and social activist, Ayewa is a co-founder of the Black Quantum Futurism artistic and literary collective, a member of the avant-jazz group Irreversible Entanglements, and one-half of the experimental club duo 700 Bliss. First making an impact with 2016's Fetish Bones, her work grew more experimental and politically outspoken with each new chapter, using charged spoken word lyrics and furious free jazz instrumentation on her 2020 album Circuit City. 2021's Black Encyclopedia of the Air was more atmospheric than her previous work, but just as confrontational and thought-provoking. The guest-heavy Jazz Codes followed in 2022.

    Philadelphia, PA
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