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Montero represents the ambitious pop wanderings of Australian musician Ben Montero, whose previous projects like Treetops and Holiday Maker, laid the groundwork for his heady blend of '60s sunshine pop, '70s soft rock, and laid-back psychedelia. His first release under the Montero brand was the 2011 7" single "Rainman" b/w "Mumbai," followed a year later by digital singles "Xenides" and "Adriana." Each one revealed a different layer of his approach, from lush synth-pop balladry to surrealistic Ariel Pink-style psych-pop. 2013 saw the release of his first full-length release, The Loving Gaze, which included several of the previously issued singles. Around this same time, Montero formed a new project with singer Hannah Brooks called Early Woman. Also known for his work as a cartoonist and designer, he became active in a variety of visually oriented projects before returning in 2018 with Performer, Montero's vibrant sophomore LP. ~ Timothy Monger