Monte Booker
Monte Booker

Monte Booker

About Monte Booker

A Chicago producer with a penchant for otherworldly beats, Monte Booker has risen quickly through the world of Midwestern hip-hop.

∙ In 2012, he formed the Zero Fatigue collective alongside rapper Smino—the crew later grew to include R&B singer Ravyn Lenae.
∙ Booker was introduced to a wider audience in 2015 when L.A.’s Soulection label tapped him to curate the 16th edition of their White Label EP series.
∙ He produced several tracks on Smino’s 2017 debut album, blkswn, and he also contributed to the 2018 follow-up, NOIR.
∙ After hearing NOIR, rapper J. Cole invited Booker to participate in the expanded 2020 Director’s Cut of his Grammy-nominated Revenge of the Dreamers III compilation.

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