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Monika Martin

Monika Martin

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Born on May 7, 1962, in Graz, Monika Martin (known to her fans as Der Stille Star, i.e., the Silent Star) is an Austrian schlager singer with a long track record of hitmaking, going all the way back to the 1996 single "La Luna Blu," from her solo debut album of the same name. Though generally classified as schlager, she can also be considered one of the leading Austrian practitioners of volkstümliche musik, a variant of volksmusik that incorporates contemporary themes and styles rather than alpine motifs. Formerly lead singer in the tanzband the Heart Breakers, Martin has competed for the Austrian Grand Prix der Volksmusik at least three times ("La Luna Blu," 1996; "Goodbye Farewell," 1998; and "Heute Fühl Ich Mich Wie Zwanzig," 2006). ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Graz, Austria
  • BORN
    May 7, 1962

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