About Mongol800

MONGOL800, an unassuming pop-punk band from Okinawa that has avoided the spotlight, sold millions of records in the early 2000s and is still going strong today.

∙ Formed in 1998—when its members were still in high school—the band released their debut LP, GO ON AS YOU ARE, two years later, prompting invitations to play at major festivals.
MESSAGE, their 2001 breakthrough album, hit No. 1 on the charts and ultimately sold close to 3 million copies—one of the highest totals ever for a Japanese indie release.
∙ MONGOL800 opened for Green Day on their 2002 tour of Japan.
∙ Their 2004 LP, Momo, hit No. 4 on the Japanese charts, and over the course of more than a decade, the band’s next five studio albums—all of them indie releases—also placed in the Top 10.
∙ After years of shunning interview and press requests, MONGOL800 finally appeared on TV in 2007, allowing broadcaster NHK to document their tour of the remote Ryukyu Islands.
∙ Since 2009, the band has thrown their own festival, What a Wonderful World!!, which takes place semi-annually in their native Okinawa.

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