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About Mohamed Al Shehhi

Few artists who have chosen a career in Khaleeji music have had the courage and foresight to go it alone, and carve out their own path without the support of major label and industry infrastructure. Take young Emirati trailblazer Mohamed Al Shehhi, who decided to stake his claim to fame by posting his work online, amassing an enormous following—and as many as 34 million views on his biggest hit to date. Beside showcasing Al Shehhi’s versatile voice and delightfully playful vibrato, “Kashf Al Mahabbah” is notable for its seamless fusion of western beats and traditional instrumentation—another audacious experiment that the singer hasn’t been shy to embrace. While he’s known to cherish his culture and upbringing, Al Shehhi has a willingness to take risks and embark on the road less travelled. His amalgam of musical styles are ample proof that this young vocalist’s modern approach to songwriting translates into genuine artistic longevity and acclaim. The performance of his own compositions at the prestigious Dubai Opera in 2017 is just one example of the kind of bright future that awaits this daring talent.