About MIST

UK rapper Mist turned his life around after a prison stint and became one of the first MCs from the English city of Birmingham to gain widespread recognition.

• The son of a guitarist who once appeared on Top of the Pops, Mist was interested in music from an early age. He grew up listening to The Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, and others.
• He started experimenting with rapping and making beats when his older brother moved out of the house.
• Mist decided to pursue music full-time after serving 14 months in prison beginning in 2014.
• The rapper’s 2016 debut EP, M I S to the T, peaked at No. 75 on the UK charts and led to a deal with Warner Bros. The track “Ain’t the Same” features Punjabi words that Mist picked up living in a heavily Asian community.
• His 2018 EP Diamond in the Dirt hit No. 4 on the UK albums chart.

    Birmingham, England
  • BORN

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