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A vocalist and songwriter who blends modern pop with R&B and dance music, Miriam Bryant's strong voice and passionate delivery have made her a star in her native Sweden and earned her an international following. Bryant was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on March 8, 1991; her father was English and her mother was Finnish. She studied choral singing as a youngster, and went on to take courses in musical theater. Her entrée into pop music came in late 2011 when a close friend of hers, Victor Rådström, asked her to help him with a school project in which he needed to produce three original songs for a new artist. Bryant co-wrote and sang three tunes for Rådström's assignment, and in 2012 one of them was released as a single, "Finders, Keepers." The single attracted enough attention to land her a deal with Sweden's Stereoscope Music, and in 2013 she released her first full-length album, Raised in Rain. When electronic musician and DJ Zedd heard one of Bryant's songs on a German radio broadcast, he was strongly impressed. Zedd produced a remix of Bryant's track "Push Play," which became her first release in the United States, via Interscope Records, as well as collaborating with her on a song called "Find You." The latter was an international success, and appeared on the soundtrack to the film Divergent. After a layoff from recording, during which Bryant relocated to Los Angeles, she dropped the single "Black Car" in August 2016, and "Everything" followed in January 2017. Both songs would later appear on Bryant's EP, Bye Bye Blue, which was released in June 2017; like the two singles, it was issued by Warner Music Sweden. "O A O A E vi förlorade," a duet with fellow Swede Markus Krunegård, appeared in June 2018 followed in October by the NEIKED collaboration "How Did I Find You."

    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • BORN
    March 8, 1991

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