About Minuit

Covering a range of emotions, Minuit make dance-minded indie rock with a dramatic flair guided by frontwoman Simone Ringer. After forming in Paris, France in 2013, the group made their recording debut with the mercurial Minuit EP in 2015.

Minuit (French for "midnight") was founded by guitarists Raoul Chichin and Joseph Delmas, who soon enlisted Chichin's sister Simone Ringer to sing. The siblings' surnames were already familiar to many French pop fans; their parents Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin were the long-charting duo of Les Rita Mitsouko. Just out of their teens at the time, Chichin, Delmas, and Ringer added Klem Aubert to the lineup on bass and Tanguy Truhe´ on drums, and all five members collaborated on writing and recording an eponymous EP. It was released by Because Music in 2015. While it didn't chart, it created some buzz for its panache and sold over 10,000 copies in France before they followed it in 2016 with the two-sided single "Poison d'Amour/La Fièvre." Minuit returned in mid-2018 with the slinky quasi-rap "Paris Tropical," the lead single from their full-length debut Vertigo.

    Paris, France

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