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The explorative, shoegaze-laced alternative dance music of Mint Julep is the creation of married duo Keith and Hollie Kenniff. With Hollie's ethereal vocals accompanying Keith's glistening keys, guitars, and hooky bass and beats, they fashioned a sound that's both dreamy and polished. After debuting with 2008's more atmospheric Songs About Snow, they committed to a dance-focused approach beginning with 2011's Save Your Season. Keith Kenniff was still actively recording with longer-running projects Helios and Goldmund when they delivered their fourth album, Stray Fantasies, in 2020.

Also solo musicians with ambient projects of their own (Pennsylvania-born Keith as Helios and Ohio native Hollie under her own name), the Kenniffs started Mint Julep in Boston in 2007, issuing the limited release Songs About Snow on Unseen Records in 2008. The EP Adorn followed in 2011, the same year the couple collaborated on an album of children's music, The Littlest Star, under the name Meadows. Another Mint Julep full-length, Save Your Season, arrived on the Village Green label, also in 2011. A prolific year, Keith Kenniff issued All Will Prosper, his fifth studio album with modern-classical project Goldmund, as he continued to record as Helios, which delivered Moiety on Unseen in 2012. Mint Julep offered a self-released stand-alone track, "Tame," the following year.

The duo re-emerged on Unseen in 2016 with Mint Julep's third album, Broken Devotion. It received a Japanese release from Thomason Sounds. LPs from both Helios and Goldmund followed in 2018, and Hollie Kenniff made her full-length solo debut with the ambient album The Gathering Dawn in 2019. Mint Julep then reconvened for their Western Vinyl debut, Stray Fantasies, which appeared early the next year.

    Boston, MA

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