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About Mink Slide

A throwback funk and R&B-style project, Mink Slide features singer Tariq Nasheed. The group emerged in 2018 with the singles "It's Time" and "City Lights."

Named after a prominent African-American business district in Columbia, Tennessee that suffered a racially motivated riot in 1946, Mink Slide began in 2018 as a collaboration between Detroit-born singer, writer, and personality Tariq Nasheed and DJ/producer Johny D. Prior to launching Mink Slide, Nasheed made his name as an author and documentarian. He also regularly hosts his own politically minded podcast, Tariq Radio. Joining forces, Nasheed and Johny D worked to craft songs inspired by a mix of '80s and '90s-era funk and R&B artists. In 2018 they issued their debut album, Egyptian Musk.

    Los Angeles, CA
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