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About Millie & Andrea

Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker (Millie) and the otherwise solo Andy Stott (Andrea), two of the most creative experimental techno producers of the 2000s and 2010s, released their first collaboration, the Black Hammer 12", in 2008. For the next several years, the duo continued to collaborate on a semi-regular basis, and they also used their female aliases individually, as they somewhat whimsically sifted through longstanding interests (dub techno) and other fascinations (juke, trap) while situating themselves in the hardcore continuum. All of their 12" releases through 2014, including Spectral Source and Temper Tantrum, were issued on Daphne, a division of online music retailer Boomkat. The eight-track album Drop the Vowels, including revisions of the A-sides from the aforementioned singles, was released in March 2014. ~ Andy Kellman


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