About Miles

English expatriate Tobias Kuhn was studying at the University of Wuerzbery in Germany when he met his musical matches in Mike Silver and Ronny Rock. Each of them were fans of indie rock of the early '90s and had a fondness for basic pop tunes. Together they formed a band called Miles in 1992. Kuhn took up singing duties while Silver picked up the guitar and Rock played drums. They issued a self-titled EP and a homemade full-length shortly thereafter, soon landing a contract with V2 Germany. The Day I Vanished was their proper debut released in 1997, and Miles' jaunty rock appeal quickly caught on in Europe and Japan. Two years later, Miles joined the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra for the band's eponymous second album and gained more fans across Sweden, Austria, and the U.K. The U.S. had yet to taste the pop candy of Miles, but New York indie label Feel Records was on it. They signed the band in 2001 and Miles shaped their style once more with the addition of bassist Nina Kraensel. Structure vs. Happiness, a collection of Miles' strongest tracks from their first two albums, appeared in summer 2002. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

    Bavaria, Germany

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