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Mike Sanchez

Mike Sanchez

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A rhythm and blues revivalist from an early age, pianist Mike Sanchez had an early affection for American rockabilly.

Starting on the piano at the age ten, Sanchez discovered the works of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and used that manic playing style as his inspiration.

Once a teenager, he began to play guitar and eventually started his first rockabilly combo in the late 70's.

Introduced to like-minded musician Andy Sylvester by fellow roots rock enthusiast Robert Plant, the two struck up an instant friendship and began working as the Big Town Playboys soon after.

Popular with many of the blues rock legends of the 80's, the experience in the Playboys introduced Sanchez to heroes such as Eric Clapton and Mick Fleetwood through time.

These friendships led to collaborations, and soon Sanchez began appearing on albums from artists like Jeff Beck and Bill Wyman.

Eventually realizing he had enough material to strike out on his own, the Playboys broke up and Sanchez began to release solo albums.

Wyman invited Sanchez to claim a spot in his popular Rhythm Kings, and Sanchez gladly accepted as he started his new endeavors with his typical gusto. ~ Bradley Torreano

    London, England
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