Michael Cooper - Top Songs

Baby Girl (feat. Michael Cooper & Shae Love)
Inevitable (feat. Marissa Pontecorvo)
First Fruits
The Farmhouse
It Isn’t Long
My Prayer (Instrumental)
They Say There Are Two Seasons
The Labor Begins
On a Day in May
As Our Settlement Grows
Je Suis Canadienne (Reprise)
Across the Sea (Reprise)
I Think de Maisonneuve Loves Me
Pounding on the Door
He’s Finished
Recruitment Is Difficult
Years Later
Yes by Increasing Both Production and Shipments
I'm Gonna Get You (Mister Brill)
Centre Road (feat. Lizette Cruz)
Where'd You Go?
Hot Damniel's Strut (Voiceover)
In Europe You Only See Love
Miss U
So Early in the Morning
Here for You
Downhill from Here
Aprés-Ski With Me