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Martin Gore will always be known as the co-founder and main lyricist and songwriter of British synth pop megastars Depeche Mode, but he has occasionally stepped away from his full-time band in order to explore other sounds and moods via side projects. His first solo release was the Counterfeit EP, a collection of covers, in 1989; full-length follow-up Counterfeit² didn't arrive until 2003. In 2011, Gore reunited with fellow Depeche Mode co-founder Vince Clarke for the first time in 30 years, resulting in techno side project VCMG, which released its debut full-length SSSS in 2012. In 2015, Gore released a self-titled instrumental solo album as MG, moving away from the straightforward techno of VCMG and more toward cinematic experimental techno and IDM. ~ Paul Simpson

    Dagenham, London, England
  • BORN
    July 23, 1961

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