About Merzbow

Merzbow, born Masami Akita, is one of the most important figures in noise music. Releasing an astounding number of releases beginning in the early '80s, the Tokyo native's name comes from German artist Kurt Schwitters' famous work, Merzbau. Akita's choice reflects his fondness for junk art (through Schwitters' collage method) and his fascination with ritualized eroticism, namely in the form of fetishism and bondage. Akita's methods include tape manipulations, metal percussion, found objects, and at the end of the 1980s when he began performing concerts, live electronics. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with countless musicians, including Sonic Youth, Boris, Keiji Haino, and Mike Patton. Akita is also an outspoken environmentalist and animal rights activist.

    Tokyo, Japan
  • BORN
    December 19, 1956

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