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Based in New York City but conceptualised in the forests of India, MEMBA are a dance duo with a focus on releasing pioneering, pulsating fusion sounds. • Members Ishaan Chaudhary and Will Curry met in India when on an archaeological dig. They come from differing musical backgrounds—the former grounded in Bollywood and Sufi, the latter previously playing in a marimba band. • They agreed on a musical goal early for MEMBA: to counteract the fractures of modern society by fusing musical elements from across the globe. • In practice, that mission has involved taking a modern dance template, inspired by everything from EDM to dubstep, and imbuing it with the sounds of both Chaudhary’s Indian upbringing and Curry’s global travels. • They’re hugely ambitious thematically—the concept EP SAGA-I is based around their own imaginary planet and the innovative video for “XiLLA!” features 3D scans of themselves. • The pair remain committed to breaking new ground, whether it’s replacing DJs with contortionists as openers for their raucous live shows or remaining in touch with their roots on tracks like “Schools Out”, which is bolstered by a Delhi children’s choir.

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