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About Melanie Doane

Singer, songwriter, musician, and Juno Award-winner Melanie Doane recorded her first full-length album, Shakespearean Fish, in 1996 under the major label Sony. A number of music reviewers caught the Melanie tide right away and predicted it would be the first of many premium albums to come.

Melanie Doane was born in Nova Scotia and raised in a household filled with music, thanks to the fact that her father was a music teacher, and that her bother and sister had a love for a wide variety of groups like Queen, Crowded House, and the Pretenders. It didn't hurt that Melanie's mother, like many mothers, pushed her children to learn how to play at least one instrument. Melanie mastered a number of them, including the piano, bass, mandolin, and violin, though some of her guitar-heavy songs and album covers might lead fans to feel her more at ease with a guitar.

In 1995, taking a giant leap of faith, Melanie recorded a self-titled EP and released it independently. The quality tunes made their way into the right hands at Sony Music in Canada. Almost as if stepping into a fairy tale, Melanie found herself under contract to Sony and working on a debut album. In 1998, a sophomore album, Adam's Rib, hit the market. That same year she walked away from the Juno Awards with the honor of being named Best New Artist. When not working on her own material, Melanie spends time as a session musician, recording with many big-name Canadian artists. Her brother, drummer Creighton Doane, has performed with her some. The siblings have even written songs together.

Some of the tracks fans can give a listen to from Melanie Doane's albums are "The Space Between Us," "Absolutely Happy," "Waiting for the Tide," "Happy Homemaker," and "There Is No Beautiful." ~ Charlotte Dillon

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