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Meat Beat Manifesto are a highly influential electronic group whose sample-heavy mixture of thundering breakbeats, dub basslines, and elements of genres ranging from musique concrète to hip-hop helped lay the foundation for big beat, jungle, trip-hop, and numerous other styles. Led by co-founder and sole constant member Jack Dangers, MBM have been active since the late '80s, releasing acclaimed albums and performing concerts utilizing innovative audiovisual sampling techniques. The band merged industrial with hip-hop on early albums like 1989's Storm the Studio and 1992's Satyricon, which contained some of their most overtly political lyrics. The group continued experimenting, with subsequent albums such as 1998's Actual Sounds + Voices and 2005's At the Center exploring jazz fusion influences. 2008's Autoimmune made clear the connection between the band's early material and the then-emerging dubstep sound. MBM remained active throughout the 2010s, mixing jungle, techno, and electro on albums like 2019's Opaque Couché.

Swindon, Wiltshire, England

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