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Inspired by the likes of Talk Talk, Blue Nile, and the Smiths, Spanish indie pop outfit McEnroe were formed in Vizcaya in 2002 by Ricardo Lezón (vocals, bass), Gonzalo Eizaga (guitar), Jaime Guzmán (guitar), and Eduardo Guzmán (drums), while Pablo Isusi (bass) joined in 2008. After their first demos earned McEnroe some success in local talent contests, they independently released their debut album, El Sur de Mi Vida (2003). McEnroe kept on making self-distributed EPs in near obscurity until 2007, when they managed to catch the attention of Subterfuge Records, the prestigious Spanish indie label. The sweeping melancholy of their three albums for Subterfuge, Mundo Marino (2008), Tú Nunca Morirás (2009), and Las Orillas (2012), has met with glowing reviews from the specialized press. ~ Mariano Prunes