Mc Eric

About Mc Eric

b. Eric Martin, 19 August 1970, Cardiff, Wales. MC Eric, aka Me One, is of Jamaican descent, though he grew up in Wales as the youngest of twelve brothers and sisters. It was via his stint in Technotronic (notably the ‘This Is Technotronic’ refrain, appearing in said video with his notorious ‘skyscraper’ hairstyle) that he first graced television screens and stereos. He had been introduced to the band via his girlfriend, Ya Kid K. ‘I was 18 and Ya Kid K was 17 when we came into Technotronic and we knew that the money wasn’t good’. He has also contributed to material from artists as diverse as Madonna and Jazzy Jeff. His debut solo album, promoted by a single, ‘Jealous’, was an artistic success, with deceptively subtle shades to its musical spine, buoyed by piano motifs and lolloping bass. Following its release, however, he faded from the music scene. After fathering a child with Ya Kid K, one Eric Jnr, he returned to recording with the excellent As Far As I’m Concerned, released under the Me One moniker.

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