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To varying degrees over time combining digital and analog synthesizers, samples, natural field recordings, and signal processing, Max Corbacho is a Spanish musician and composer of ambient space music. Born in the province of Badajoz, he studied guitar in his youth and went on to play electric guitar in a number of local rock bands before gradually shifting focus to keyboard and electronic music. Influenced early on by the likes of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, he was later inspired by the work of Brian Eno, Steve Roach, and Robert Rich, among others. Released in 1999, his solo debut, Vestiges, interpreted the sounds of the universe, while his second outing, Far Beyond the Immobile Point, reflected on the darkness of deep space. He continued to explore these ideas with his 2002 album, The Resonant Memory of Earth. In 2003, he released both Nocturnal Emanations and Indalo, the latter a collaboration with Argentinian composer/instrumentalist Bruno Sanfilippo. Corbacho followed that with Moontribe in 2004, The Talisman in 2006, and Breathstream in 2008, all with ad21music. Albums like 2009's Ars Lucis and, over the next three years, Deep Time, Lost Links, Bioma, and the double album The Ocean Inside, continued a commitment to ethereal atmospheres even less concerned with traditional forms and melody. The year 2015 brought both Future Terrain and Splendid Labyrinths. With a playing time of over 70 minutes, an expanded version of Future Terrain was released in early 2017 and followed later in the year by Nocturnes. ~ Marcy Donelson & Craig Harris

Badajoz, Spain