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Continuing France's tradition of producing comedians/singers, Max Boublil has been a regular fixture on his homeland's small screens, big screens, and concert halls ever since the early 2000s. Born Maximilien Leon Boublil in Paris in 1979, he first came to attention for his acting abilities with roles in films Les Gaous and Les Amateurs, TV series Sous Le Soleil, Navarro, and Mystere, and several high-profile adverts. In 2007, he scored a hit single with the provocative "Ce Soir…Tu Vas Prendre," before landing a presenting slot on Canal +'s Le Grand Journal and embarking on several sell-out tours, including one-man shows Max Prend la Route and Le One Man Musical. Featuring the controversial "Chanson Raciste" and "Susan Boyle," his debut album, imaginatively titled L'Album, was released in 2011 and was followed a year later with Le 2eme Album. ~ Jon O'Brien

    Paris, France
  • BORN

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