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Matthew Sweet

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Skillfully navigating the line between the power pop underground and the mainstream end of alternative rock, Matthew Sweet is a master of potent tunes and catchy hooks, but he also knows how to make his songs rock, and his inspired use of incisive guitar work gives his songs a satisfying edge. During the '80s, he played with Oh-OK, Buzz of Delight, and Lloyd Cole, releasing a pair of overlooked solo albums (1986's Inside and 1989's Earth) as he honed his skills. Sweet's breakthrough came with 1991's Girlfriend, a near-perfect fusion of pop formalism and full-bodied rock & roll, and he enjoyed similar success with 1993's Altered Beast and 1995's 100% Fun. In the 2000s, he devoted much of his time to more idiosyncratic projects and collaborations, but later solo albums like 2017's Tomorrow Forever and 2021's Catspaw reaffirmed his expertise at contemporary power pop.

    Lincoln, NE
  • BORN
    October 6, 1964

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