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Brazilian hardcore punk band Matanza combine metal and country, with lyrics often centered around drinking and fighting, resulting in a rambunctious style of music they call "countrycore." Jimmy London and Donida created the band in 1996, taking equal influence from Johnny Cash and the Exploited, and recorded demo Terror em Dashville in 1998 along with drummer Nervosa and bassist Diba. China replaced Diba on bass in time for the group's debut album, Santa Madre Cassino, which was released in 2001 by Abril Music. The label dropped the band after the album failed to yield a hit single, and the group moved to new label Deckdisc. Second album Música Para Beber e Brigar, featuring new drummer Fausto, appeared in 2003. To Hell with Johnny Cash, Matanza's full-length tribute to the Man in Black, followed in 2005, and was released as a CD/DVD DualDisc, the first such release by a Brazilian artist. The group's next album, A Arte do Insulto, was far more serious and professional than previous efforts. Live DVD MTV Apresenta Matanza was released in 2008, featuring new drummer Jonas. At this point, Donida ceased performing live with the band, only contributing to the band's studio recordings and songwriting. Maurício Nogueira replaced him as the group's live guitarist. Fifth Matanza album Odiosa Natureza Humana, recorded live in the studio in three days, appeared in 2011, followed by Thunder Dope in 2012. Seventh album Pior Cenário Possível, the group's first album after the departure of bassist China, was released in 2015. ~ Paul Simpson

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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